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Thank You! Annual Giving Campaign (AGC) Fundraising Updates!

Summary: Donate today to the AGC Fundraising Campaign.

Annual Giving Campaign 2023

Our Goal is to Raise $62,500

Thank You!

Thermometer. Text Fundraising Goal $62,500 raised $56.565

The Whitman PTSA thanks you for all of your donations and support! The 2023 Annual Giving Campaign (AGC) direct ask has ended, but we continue to accept donations throughout the year.

We have so far received 91% of our budgeted goal through the AGC. Corporate matching donations are still coming in.

Not Too Late to Donate!

We will update you on the final totals as soon as we can. Not too late to donate and help us reach the goal!

Thank you for donating and supporting Whitman Middle School. Together, we can reach and exceed our fundraising goals. Questions? Email Stephanie at whitmanptsatreasurer@gmail.com.

Mail checks payable to the Whitman PTSA to the school or drop off in the office (form in office).


We know that not everyone can donate money at this time. We ask that you think about volunteering at the school or learning more about how to advocate for our students through legislation.

Please visit our PTSA Webpages on our School website to learn more ways to participate!

Ways We Fund Programs at Whitman 

The Annual Giving Campaign funds projects that are fun and inspiring. 

A Water Cooler To Support Our Walking Classes

Students at drinking fountain.

WMS PTSA recently worked with Ms. Trent to find a solution to the water desert in our downstairs classroom supporting the new Walking Class. Without an easy access to a drinking fountain downstairs, Ms. Trent was hauling a filled watercolor back and forth the lunchroom every four days to refill it and have it available for walkers to fill up before and after their walks. Ms. Trent and the PTSA work shopped a few options, and, with the help of our custodial crew, we finally found a better solution for the problem with this filtration system that hooks up to the sink in her classroom. This frees up time for Ms. Trent, provides water to the walkers, and replacing the filter is a nominal fee in the future. This is just one of the ways your AGC dollars work to support students at Whitman Middle School. 

PTSA Curriculum Enrichment Funds (CEF)

Teacher at computer, books and Notes on a classroom wall.

The PTSA funds special projects initiated by teachers and staff at Whitman Middle School.

Our incredible Grade 6 & 7 LA teachers, Ms. Pavach, Mr. Shorb, Ms. Moran and Ms. Hardy applied for classroom books that introduce book clubs to students.

Benefits of reading together include:

  • Draws in reluctant readers
  • Crafts deeper discussion of book themes
  • Holes moves grade 6 students away from plot to bigger themes such as destiny vs freewill, injustice, and racism
  • The themes of popularity, classism, and identity in Outsiders are relevant to 7th graders today

Helping to initiate new projects, finding solutions to things that are not working currently, and providing multiple ways to better teach and support students is what PTSA is all about!

WMS Library

The PTSA Supports the Library with new books every year! New books keep the library current with Young Adult Books, Graphic Novels and other Genres that appeal to our Middle Schoolers.

Art Classes

Table Top with hand written notes of Thanks from students.

The art classes have better table top surfaces after Ms. Dunnett reached out and asked for help from the PTSA. The art tables were scratched and had sharp dents that meant students would clamor for the best parts of the table so they could draw without hitting dents. We worked closely with Ms Dunnett to find a suitable material that could be easily placed on the tables and provide the stable surface needed for all the different materials in Ms. Dunnett’s classes. The money for these new table tops and other teacher/staff identified needs comes from our Annual Giving Campaign fundraising. Ms. Dunnett and her students appreciate the help, and you can see their notes of gratitude in the photo!

STEM Classes Design NASA Patches

Whitman STEM patches with sun and moon

6th Grade STEM will be completing a Flight and Space unit. The culminating project is to act as Mission Commanders and plan a mission to Mars, from designing and testing a crew capsule to selecting and scheduling the individual astronauts on the mission. To inspire pride and excitement in the STEM program, we will complete a lesson early in the unit studying the history of NASA mission patches. We will then design our own patches, holding a contest to select one mission patch for each Whitman STEM semester during the year. The patches will be designed by a student but will include “WHITMAN STEM” and the current year and semester. Students will vote on a winning design. This grant would help fund the actual creation of the patches, so that students would receive their own patches at the end of the semester to celebrate completing the course. To leverage excitement for this idea, we would also provide a mission patch for each 7th and 8th grader completing STEM during the semester, but the patches will be designed by our sixth graders.

Additional Ways the PTSA Supports WMS

  • Classroom Management for Teachers (CMT) funds support all classrooms
  • Curriculum Enrichment Funds (CEF) for innovative teacher/staff project ideas and needs
  • New library materials and books
  • Counselor funds that support our Pantry Program and direct needs for families
  • Background checks and safety training for coaches at Whitman
  • Consumable supplies for Art and Physical Education classes
  • Additional counseling to support SBIRT results at school
  • Community building events such as the Welcome Event, Curriculum Night, Multicultural Events, and the 8th Grade Celebration
  • Performing Arts of Whitman afterschool theater program
  • Food, treats and gifts for staff appreciation
  • Support the ASB Pride Store

PTSA Membership

We want families to know that we have sponsored PTSA memberships available. Our membership is tied to the influence our PTSA has when advocating at the WA State PTA level. Advocacy is our main focus if PTSA. All voices are needed for this work.

Annual PTSA Giving Campaign

Dear Whitman Families, 

We all know the importance of working together to improve our public schools. Each Fall, the Whitman PTSA asks our community to join in addressing this need through the Annual Giving Campaign (AGC), a direct appeal designed to provide funding for teacher and principal identified needs for academic support and enhancements at our school. The money we raise for this year’s AGC will be spent during the 2023/24 school year, with your dollars directly benefiting current Whitman students. Last year’s AGC donations helped keep our library materials up-to-date, made technology purchases, provided direct needs for families, and provided classroom materials and professional development for our teachers. This year, we will once again use AGC dollars to quickly and flexibly address student and staff needs as they arise.

We hope to fully fund our goal of $62,500 with this AGC direct ask through November 17, 2023. Many families gave generously last year, with many donations ranging from $10 to $200. While we know large gifts are not possible for everyone, we hope that all families will give something, as all donations—no matter how big or small—benefit our students and our school.

All the Ways to Donate

Donate online via our Annual AGC Cheddar Up donation site for credit and debit cards.

Cash or Check?

If you prefer paying by cash or check, please make it payable to Whitman PTSA and send to 920115th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117, or drop off in the school office or pick up a form in the office to complete as well.

If your company has a matching program, you can make your donation go even further. Be sure and follow up with your company and our treasurer to make sure your match is made. All donations are 100% tac deducible. Whitman Middle School PTSA is a non-profit 501c3. Tax ID: 91-1170778.


We also know that not everyone can donate cash directly. There are many other ways to help Whitman Middle School students, and we hope that you will consider donating your time by visiting the PTSA  Volunteer Opportunities page and making sure you are a verified SPS Volunteer. With your help, we can reach this goal together and continue our work supporting Whitman students and staff throughout the 2023/24 school year.

The AGC is our primary and direct fundraiser to fund the 2023-24 Whitman PTSA budget – enabling support for our school community. The PTSA funds so many important programs and support at Whitman Middle School. We understand that times can be challenging, and every contribution, no matter the size, is greatly appreciated. To donate, please visit our fundraising page or drop off your contribution at the school office with form.

Thank you for being an integral part of our school community. Your support means the world to us, and with your help, we can help bring important resources that directly benefit our students. Let’s make these final moments count.

Thank you!  Peter Gross Whitman PTSA Fundraiser; whitmanptsafundraising@gmail.com

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