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Whitman Middle School

Marcus Whitman Middle School serves over 600, ethnically diverse, middle school students in northwest Seattle. We take pride in our dedicated staff, academic achievements, successful extra-curricular programs and an active and involved PTSA. At Whitman, the goal is to help every child reach their potential by providing challenging curriculum in an environment where every child feels safe and also to help each child develop pride in self and community: Whitman pride. We unapologetically prioritize our students furthest from educational justice in alignment with our district’s strategic plan: Seattle Excellence.

Whitman Wildcats achieve and grow in a safe, culturally responsive learning environment with a culture of collaboration, equity and academic excellence.


Whitman Middle School
9201 15th Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98117

Main Office: 206-252-1200
Fax: 206-252-1201

John Houston

Administrative Secretary
Janice M. Runner jmrunner@seattleschools.org

Our Mission and Vision

At Whitman Middle School, improvement is based on effective use of student data; intentional, aligned professional development; instructionally-focused staff meetings based on NSDC standards; frequent monitoring of teaching and learning (Catwalks); the use of Purpose Statements in classrooms and High Leverage Teaching Moves; 5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning, and the “branding” of Whitman to our students, staff, and parent community. In order to be a great school we need to have elite achievement for ALL students academically, behaviorally, and socially.

Our Vision

We draw upon the Nine Characteristics of Highly Effective Schools and Jim Collins’ “Good to Great and the Social Sectors”. We use our laser-like focus on collaborative professional development that is intentional and results- oriented. The centerpiece of our whole-staff professional development will be our Study Teams, which we use during our early release days. Whitman is an LSA school as identified by the NSDC. Our vision is to go from a school of elite structures to a school of elite achievement for all students.

We will focus on the ABCs…

A = Attendance All students in school and ready to learn every day.

B = Behavior Explicitly teaching what we expect for a productive learning environment and a positive school climate “The Whitman Way” –We Show Respect, We Make Good Choices, and We Solve Our Problems

C = Coursework Focused and intentional instruction as well as academic grades will be based on standards. Our students will be able to articulate what they are learning and why they are learning it. Students who leave our school will have the knowledge and skills to be successful in high school and beyond.

Our school improvement is based on…

  • Using student data effectively
  • Providing additional learning opportunities for struggling students
  • Mentoring and case management
  • Aligning intentional results oriented professional development and focusing staff meetings on student learning and instruction, cultural competency, and breaking down the barriers to learning
  • Monitoring and evaluating teaching based on the Frameworks for Teaching
  • Developing common assessments and standards based grading for all curriculum areas
  • Engaging and informing families

We will ask ourselves the Critical Questions of Learning

  • What is it we expect students to learn?
  • How will we know when students have learned it?
  • How will we respond when students don’ t learn?
  • How will we respond when students already know it?

As we continue to develop curriculum, assess learning and student growth; observe and evaluate staff members; and participate in Professional Learning Communities, we will ask:

  • Do we have a sense of urgency for student progress and achievement?
  • Do our actions demonstrate urgency?

How we Communicate with Whitman Students & Families

Refer to the information on the How WMS Communicates with students and families to keep you connected and informed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s The Source?
The Source displays assessment/testing scores, attendance, library information and a student’s current course grades. 

Do schools need to provide a Source registration code this year?
No. The process for printing Source letters is different this year.  Staff no longer have to provide codes for families. Our team worked to create a process where families could get the codes themselves via email. 

To translate the letter:

  • Click the Translate button in the upper, right corner of your browser.
  • Select a language.
  • Click Ok.
  • Scroll down.
  • If desired, print from your browser as usual.

How do families register for the Source?
Parents and/or guardians can register for the Source online.  Here is a link with step-by-step instructions regarding how to set up your Source account:

Do students need to register for the Source?
No.  Students simply log onto the Source with their student  username and password, provided by each school.  Along with a tour of the Source:  

On the Source log on screen is a Technical Tips link.

What would a typical 6th grade semester schedule look like?

Please see our 6th grade open house page for additional information about 6th grade schedules and more.

How do I know which math class my child will take?
Math Pathway Information:

Please read the document issued by the Seattle School District regarding advanced math placement in middle school. Math Information

How can families get involved at Whitman MS?
There are many volunteer opportunities through the PTSA including; school store, lunch monitoring, office and library assistance, and various committees and events. While volunteer opportunities may not be as plentiful as when your student attended elementary school there are still numerous ways to support your student and our school.  See our Whitman PTSA page for more information about how to get involved at school.

Will my student receive and use a planner?
Student planners are typically provided to all students. All students are expected to use their planners daily and planners are checked by teachers frequently. This planner is a great communication tool between students, teachers and families to support students through their course assignment due dates and classroom activities.