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English Language Arts

Whitman Middle School ELA Scope and Sequence

W – Writing
R – Reading

6th Grade

Deep Study of Character (R)

Personal Narrative (W)

Non Fiction Reading with Book Clubs (R)

Literary Essay (Character Thesis)(W)

Informational Writing (Teen Activism Essay) (W)

Social Issues Book Clubs (R)

7th Grade

Fiction Signposts (R)

Realistic Fiction (W)

Non Fiction Signposts (R)

Research Based Argument Essay (W)


Literary Essay(Theme Thesis)

8th Grade

Analyzing Fiction (R/W)

Author’s Craft Essay (R/W)

Argument Essay (R/W)

Non-Fiction Reading and Notetaking (R)

Book Clubs (R)

Global Issues: Collecting and Evaluating Sources (R)