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The Whitman MS Clubs listed below were active during the 2020-2021 school year. Currently, school clubs are not active. We are excited to begin our club meetings again as soon as our middle schools are approved to continue with clubs during the pandemic.

Student Clubs at Whitman

We look forward to resuming our club schedule at Whitman in the 2021-22 year.

Please view sample offerings based on our 2020-21 lineup.

Meditation Club 

Rick Olson: Meditation Club

Meditation Club is a chance to recharge your mental batteries and lock in the learning! Spending time focused on one thought helps your mind make neural connections that mimic sleeping, when memories become “locked-in”. Meditating on what you have learned, what you need to spend more time learning, or intentionally thinking about the steps to learn will increase your grades and decrease your anxiety.
You don’t have to sign up. You don’t have to be on time. You only need to want to improve…and join!

Marine Biology Club

Thomas Fanning: Marine Biology Club

This club is for everyone whether you know a ton about marine biology or not! Come on in and join us for 45 minutes to learn about marine biology and the mammals that live in the sea. We will watch videos about the sea, do projects and share them out, and go down to the beach to enjoy the beauties of our world.

Dungeon and Dragons Club

Julian Thomas and Micael Moran: Dungeon & Dragons Club

“We are a group of kids who enjoy roleplaying games and having fun”

Pride Club

Laura LaFrance: Pride Club

All are Welcome

Environmental Club

Katie Storrs: Environmental Club

Environmental Club will be a space where students can come together to explore and learn cool things about the environment as well as gain awareness about what threatens the environment. Activities will include playing games, reading articles, watching videos, and holding discussions about environmental topics, and brainstorming ways that we can create positive change! If you want to be a leader in the environment, start by coming to environmental club, where we can make an impact starting in our homes and at our school! If you have any questions please email Ms. Storrs,

Library Club

Shelly Macer: Library Club

Art Club

Dever Dunnett: Art Club (Open Studio)

Whitman Art Club is the place for student artists to practice their skills, work on techniques and portfolio pieces as well as collaborate with other student artists. Let’s have fun creating art and building our community. We may work together on group projects to help beautify our school and surrounding community.

Black and Brown Student Union (BBSU)

Joseph Stone, Brian Bernazard, and Kevin Hernandez: BBSU Club

This is a club for our students who identify as students of color. We want to welcome them to a space where they can Educate, Liberate and Celebrate each other’s cultures and ethnicities!

Gamers Club

Brad Shigenaka: Gamers Club

Are you into tabletop, RPG, or other games? Come join the Gamers Club! There are many games we can successfully play over Teams! We will focus on having fun and building camaraderie through safe, inclusive gameplay. Everyone is welcome!

Coding Club

Austin Ochoa: Coding Club

Many of you may be wondering, what is coding and why should I learn how to code? To answer the first question, coding is using a programming language to get a computer todo what you want it to do. There are many programming languages, just like there are many spoken languages. During our coding club, we will be working with the programming language called Python. To answer the second question, you should learn how to code because many professions (jobs)desire people who know how to code. For example, Python is used in many professions such as Game Development, Web Development, Astronomy, Medicine, Neuroscience, Data Science, and many others.

You also may be wondering, what exactly will we be doing in coding club? Well, in our coding club we will be working with animations (moving drawings)from activities created by Carnegie Mellon University. Carnegie Mellon University is one of the best Universities in the world for Computer Science. During Coding Club, you will be given the freedom to learn at your own pace. I will assign you activities/exercises that you will be able to practice either during coding club or on your own time. During our actual club meetings, you will have the opportunity to ask questions as you are completing exercises ,share your solutions with others to help your peers complete exercises, or just work on completing the exercises you are assigned. The great part about this club is that you can learn as much as you want on your own time and bring any questions you have, or only spend time during coding club learning how to code: the choice is yours!

Association of Student Body (ASB)

Kevin Hernandez: ASB

Student Leaders are elected by their peers.

WEB (Where Everyone Belongs)

Check our ASB Schoology page for links and updates!