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Whitman School Rules

Whitman School Rules

Here at Whitman, we believe in an equitable approach to teaching and learning school wide.  Our school rules increase a student’s opportunity to learn and maintain a safe environment for all staff and students in our building.  Students are expected to comply with all Whitman rules and specific classroom rules at all times. Students may raise questions or concerns about school-wide rules through their ASB representatives.  Remember, students need to follow all rules until there is a change made with principal and ASB representatives.

The Progressive Discipline Policy

With exceptions for special circumstances, consequences for breaking rules are as follows:
Whitman Middle School has a progressive student discipline policy. The goal of our progressive discipline at Whitman is for students to take responsibility for their actions. Discipline is used to modify, correct, or improve a student’s behavior and starts with the least action reasonably calculated to change a student’s behavior. One of our core values is for all students to learn from their mistakes and to not repeat them.

Whitman’s Progressive Discipline Process

  1. Notification of rule and verbal warning
  2. Discipline referral by staff member, phone call home by referring staff member
  3. Lunch Detention/clean up
  4. For severity and/or second offense: After School Detention, administrator call home
  5. Continued misbehavior, as an alternative to suspension, Service Hours to Whitman and/or a Saturday Session (9 a.m. – 12 p.m.)
  6. Short Term Suspension* (1 day – 10 days), parent/student/administrator re-entry conference
  7. Long Term Suspension* (11 days – end of semester), parent/student/administrator re-entry conference
  8. Expulsion

Our Basic Rules

  • Stop and give your name to any adult staff or volunteer person who asks for it
  • No physical or verbal harassment at any level will be tolerated.
  • Profanity, vulgar language, and put downs are not acceptable at Whitman and will not be tolerated.
  • All backpacks, outer wear, hats, toys, or other items not needed in the classroom will be put away in your locker when you enter the building until you leave at the end of the day.
  • Hats, hoods, other non-religious headgear must be removed while in the building.
  • Electronic devices such as iPods or cell phones must be put away at 7:40am until 2:15pm It is recommended that electronic entertainment devices such as iPods, CD players, and MP3 players remain at home. Whitman is not responsible for the loss, theft, or breakage of these items.
  • No running in the halls.
  • No roughhousing, play-fighting, or other physically rowdy behavior on school grounds. No flagrant public displays of affection.
  • Take care of school property. Do not litter, write graffiti, vandalize, break equipment or destroy school materials or property.
  • Students may not sell anything on campus that is not an administration-approved item connected to a school activity.
  • Whitman is a closed campus. Students must remain on campus during school hours. No outside visitors. School activities are for Whitman students only.
  • Animals and pets are not allowed at school without an express request of a teacher. That teacher will house the animal/pet during the time it is at school.
  • Contraband (illegal or prohibited items) is not allowed at Whitman, including but not limited to tobacco, matches/lighters, alcohol, over-the-counter or prescription medications.
  • Lockers are assigned to one or two students only. Do not give out your locker combination to anyone. Do not use another person’s locker. Do not let others use your locker. Do not leave valuables in lockers. The lockers are not secure. Whitman is not responsible for items stolen at school. Lockers will be inspected at least twice a year for cleanliness and damage. Lockers may be opened by staff without student knowledge when it is determined there may be a problem or a need to do so.
  • Bicycle riders should parallel park their bikes in the rack near the main office. Bikes should be licensed and locked. Whitman is not responsible for damage to or theft of bikes.
  • Skateboards and scooters should be placed in your lockers upon arrival at school and left in the lockers until after school.
  • Bus riders must behave the same on the buses as expected in the classroom.

Dress Code

  • You should dress appropriately for school. School is your place of work. Any article of clothing or manner of hairstyle or make-up that presents a health problem, a safety hazard, or creates a disruption in the classroom or halls is prohibited
  • No hats, hoods, or non-religious head coverings or sunglasses are to be worn inside the building
  • Safe shoes for gym and classrooms are required.
  • Anything that substantially distracts or takes away from teaching and learning is not acceptable. No article of clothing may promote any prohibited item such as weapons, tobacco, alcohol or other drugs nor immoral behavior with words, picture, or logos.

In the Lunchroom – Lunchtime rules

  • All food and drink is to be consumed in the lunchroom.
  • Throwing food or other materials is prohibited.
  • You may not cut in line or save places. Moving backwards in line to stand with a friend is Allowed.
  • No electronic devices (e.g. iPods), no hats or hoods on in the building, including the lunchroom.
  • You must clean up your eating area when finished and use the provided garbage cans to dispose of unwanted food, containers, or other materials.
  • To maintain an orderly and quiet atmosphere in halls where classes are in session, you must use open halls only during lunch. The gym and music halls are closed unless given written permission to travel to a specific destination.
  • If you choose to go outside during lunch you must remain outside unless it begins to rain. If rain happens, you may quietly reenter and return to the lunchroom for the rest of the lunch period. Closed halls will remain closed.

Serious Student Misconduct

The safety and well being of students and staff is a primary concern at Whitman Middle School. Whitman Middle School and Seattle Public Schools will not tolerate any acts of violence or behavior from students that in any way endangers themselves or other members of the school community. The following offenses are serious in nature, resulting in severe and immediate consequences. In all cases parents will be notified. Referral to law enforcement officials is also possible. *Following any suspension, a reentry conference with a grade level administrator, grade level counselor, and possibly other appropriate staff is required prior to you returning. *

Refer to the complete list of School Board adopted Seattle Public School Rules.

Notification to Students and Families

Required by Federal Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989

The Seattle School District prohibits the unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by students on school premises or as part of school activities. Compliance with this rule is mandatory. Students who disregard the prohibition will be long-term suspended or expelled. The possession and use of illegal drugs and the unlawful possession and use of alcohol are wrong and harmful to health and education. The District offers, or can assist in arranging access to: drug and alcohol counseling, rehabilitation, and re-entry programs. For further information contact the school’s principal or counselor.

Seattle Public School’s Student Rights & Responsibilities