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Connecting with expert tutors for on-demand, 1:1 help.

The expert tutors at Tutor.com can help you work through a tough homework problem, improve your writing skills, study for a test, review a difficult concept and so much more!

Get Started

  1. Log in to Tutor.com
  2. Enter your library card/pin or Library Link number/pin.
  3. Click on “Get a Tutor Now” to get connected for your on-demand, 1:1 learning session.
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Learn more about Tutor.com below.

Get the Right Tutor

Fill in the Quick Pre-session questionnaire. Using this information, we will match you with the first available tutor best qualified to assist you.

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You can use our chat box or an audio connection to either instant message or speak with your tutor once in the online classroom. You and the tutor may also use the interactive whiteboard to share work and ideas. All activity in the classroom is recorded for review and quality control.

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Share a File

You can share many types of files with your tutor in the classroom. Upload essay, your lab report, a PowerPoint presentation and more. you and your tutor will be able to view the file together in the classroom.

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Use Special Tools

The classroom includes a graphing calculator, text editor, and code editor when working on a subject material that may require these special tools. Open these tools using the button above the whiteboard.

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Rate and Review your Session

After each session, be sure to let us know how we did. Complete the survey and share your comments. Then you’ll have the option to play a video of your session, and email or print the chat log and whiteboards.

Submit your Paper

Our drop-off review service allows you to get expert help from a tutor without having to connect for a real-time session. Drop off your writing assignment and get detailed feedback and explanations within 12 hours. Retrieve your tutor’s review under “My Sessions”.

Practice for a Test

Use our practice quizzes to assess your level of knowledge and practice for upcoming tests or quizzes in math, science, and English. Take a quiz, review your results and connect with a tutor to discuss any missed questions.

Use “My Account”

Review previous sessions and retrieve drop-off reviews from My Sessions. Be sure to tag your favorite tutors when reviewing your sessions.

Reconnect with your favorite tutors or see when they are next scheduled from My Favorite Tutors.

Access files you have saved or files you have shared with your tutors in session from My Locker.

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