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If Your Child Feels Ill at School

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From Nurse McIntosh: if your student is not feeling well, they need to present to the nurse’s office for assessment, have me call home, and wait in the health room until a guardian picks them up. Some students text their parent/guardian asking to be picked up. In many cases, students feel better after 10 minutes of lying down and can return to class. If they have symptoms of a virus, they need to isolate in my room. Doing this creates an equitable, safe, and responsible learning environment.
If your student texts or calls you asking to be picked up, please ask them to go to the nurse first. Thanks!

Vaccine Clinics

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SPS Health Services is hosting free vaccine clinics at multiple school locations. GO-Vax Kids is offering flu, COVID-19, and school-required vaccines for children ages six months to 18 years. Seattle Visiting Nurse Association is offering flu vaccines to anyone age four to adult; and COVID-19 boosters to anyone age five to adult. Bring your vaccine records and insurance card if available. View All Dates & All Locations of Vaccine Clinics

Welcome WMS Nurse Kathleen E. McIntosh!

Kathleen McIntosh

My name is Kathleen McIntosh and this is my first year of school nursing. I did a rotation at Aki Kurose Middle School and fell in love with the idea of school nursing. Fast forward 7 years working at Swedish, dabbling in inpatient and outpatient nursing, with the last four being in pediatric gastroenterology.

I was a fourth grader at Catharine Blaine K-8 with undiagnosed Crohn’s disease, so I know what it’s like being in pain and worried not knowing what is going on with your health. My job is to support your child’s health and wellbeing so they are ready to learn. Health and safety is our highest priority.

It is my honor and privilege to help your kid flourish here at Whitman!

Nurse News

Donations Appreciated

We would love some donations for the following items to keep in her office:

  • Girls leggings (small, medium, large)
  • Boys sweatpants (small, medium, large)

SPS Flu and COVID Resources

Vaccination and boosters are the best protection from COVID. Students may also access COVID-19 vaccines through School-based Health Centers.

COVID and Other Respiratory Resources

District Updates

Important Health Information

Immunizations Up to Date?

Washington State Law requires every student to provide proof of immunization compliance to attend school. If you received a letter from Health Services about immunizations your student needs for school, please make sure your student receives the immunization(s) listed in the letter or provide documents to indicate exemptions.

Send the immunization record to the school nurse or have your health care provider fax the record to the nurse.

SPS immunization requirements

Life-Threatening Health Conditions

If your student has a life-threatening health condition (Diabetes, Allergies, Seizure disorder, Asthma, etc.), the following items must be provided on or before the first day of school:

  • Life-Saving Medication
  • Medication Authorization forms
  • Treatment Supplies

To ensure your student’s health and safety during the school day, Washington State Law requires that your student be excluded from school until these items are received by the school nurse. Please let your school nurse know if you have any barriers to providing these items so they can offer support.

See SPS Policy 3413 for more information regarding the exclusion process.

Annual Student Health Updates

Please report any health issue your child has that could impact safety and learning to the school nurse.

How to complete the Annual Student Health Update form:

Medication Form

Ask your health provider to complete the Authorization for Medications Taken at School.

  • Each medication requires its own form
  • Your health care provider must sign the form
  • You must sign the form

 This is required for ALL medications.


All medications must be in their original container and labeled with the student’s name. Prescription medication must have a pharmacy label.

Emergency medications must be in the building on or before the first day of school.

Check medication expiration dates! Try to get medications that will last the entire school year.

Flu Shots Help Save Lives!

Schedule a flu shot for your student and family members. Here’s how:

  • Contact a School-Based Health Center (students only)
  • Seek care from your healthcare provider

Watch for announcements for upcoming flu shot clinics.

Protection from Respiratory Illness

Take actions to help manage the spread of respiratory illnesses, including COVID-19, and keep each other safe.

If you test positive for COVID-19, notify your school, and isolate at home for five full days.

Register Your Student for a School-Based Health Center

Your student can go to any School-Based Health Center within the district. Please call the clinic to make an appointment.