School Nurse

Hello Whitman Families

My name is Darci Wiebke. I am so excited to be here at Whitman in the role of school nurse. My job is to support your child’s health and wellbeing so they are ready to learn. The COVID-19 pandemic has made clear the importance of health and health safety.

Health and safety is our highest priority. With all the uncertainty surrounding this school year, I hope to be able to collaborate and support you as we navigate these challenging times.I look forward to speaking with you by phone or communicating with you by email. I am available weekdays via email or phone. Please do not hesitate to email or call if you have any questions or concerns. 


The City of Seattle and SPS are partnering to hold student vaccination clinics at all of our middle and high schools and most of our K-8 schools starting May 17th. Whitman will host vaccination clinics in our parking lot 9:00AM- 12:30 PM May 25th and June 15th. This will be open to all community members. 

For Seattle Public Schools COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Information, consent forms and updates, click here.

Seattle Public Schools 2020-21 COVID 19 Dashboard  
SPS Health and Safety-Contact tracing, When to keep your child home from school  
SPS Health and Safety Protocols

COVID -19 Information and Resources from King County  

Prepare for Your Student’s Health at School

Washington state law requires that school staff and parents/guardians plan together for the safe care of their child throughout the school day. Please report any health issue your child has that could impact safety and learning at school to the school nurse.

To report an issue, you can contact the nurse directly by phone or email, fill out the online student verification form on The Source (September 1-30), or fill out the Annual Student Health Update paper form (on the district  Health Services Forms page).

Examples include: Seizures, diabetes, asthma, life-threatening allergic reaction, cancer treatment, and anemia.

Helpful forms are found on the SPS Health Services website with language translations (Amharic, Chinese, English, Somali, Spanish, Vietnamese):

Medication at School Need An Authorization(added links to form)

If a student needs to take any type of medication during school, even if it is temporary, an  Authorization for Medications Taken at School  (also on  Health Services Forms) must be completed by the student's health care provider and signed by the parent/guardian.

Medical Treatments at School

If a student needs a treatment at school, such as: G-tube feeding, insulin calculation, clean urinary catheterization, suctioning, nebulizer, dressing change, and others please have the student's health care provider complete the Authorization for Treatments and Procedures to be Performed at School form (on the Health Services Forms page). 

Immunization Resources

We want to protect every student from communicable diseases especially during COVID-19. If your child is lacking school-district required vaccines it is possible that I am missing records of vaccines that your child has already had.

Click HERE to find out how to access your family’s immunization information.


Contact Information

Darci L. Wiebke BSN RN NCSN

206-252-1207 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) 
206-705-8319 (Wednesday)

Confidential Fax: 206-743-3188

Hours:  Monday – Friday: 9am-4pm 


Additional Resources

For information about head lice, how to know when your child is too sick for school, and more, please visit the SPS Health Services Additional Resources page.

School-Based Health Center (SBHC)

List of King County School-Based Health Centers

Students have access to additional health services through the school-based health center located at this or a nearby school.

Services are available to all students, regardless of their ability to pay. Your insurance may be billed.

Services include immunizations, sports physicals, prescriptions, reproductive healthcare, mental health counseling, lab tests, and nutrition counseling.

Families must enroll their student to receive most services. Students can enroll themselves for confidential health services.