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Physical Education

Welcome to Whitman Wildcats Physical Education!

In P.E. classes, students participate in activities that focus on 3 main areas:

  1. Increased personal fitness (cardio, muscle endurance, strength and flexibility),
  2. Improved motor skills (kicking, throwing, catching striking and many more, and
  3. Increased knowledge of health and fitness content (learning about body systems, nutrition, fitness concepts, goal setting, consumerism, safety and first aid and more).

Physical Education is also a time to build social skills and improve personal character in many different ways. Additionally, fitness portfolios allow students to chart their own progress throughout the year. Students take great pride in setting personal goals and learning how their bodies work best. Wildcat P.E. classes also feature a variety of adventure activities such as rowing, skating, challenge courses and more. See below for links to more curriculum info, including a copy of our class syllabus.

We look forward to working with you this year! Please email or call our offices if you have questions or comments. Whitman Middle School – 206-252-1200.