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Programs at Whitman Middle School

English Learner Services (EL)

Here at Whitman, we strive for inclusive practices school wide.  Students who are eligible for EL services may need core classwork modified, or have direct Language Arts or Reading support provided by our teacher of EL Services.  Each of our staff members provides some level of support for our students served through EL to ensure that student learning experiences are positive and successful. Please see the district’s English Learners (EL) for additional information.

Special Education – Access Program

Students are supported at their level of need while enrolled at Whitman MS. IEP Teachers work with all our staff to provide appropriate supports for students eligible for special education services.

Students in this program usually have at least one class of study skills with their IEP teacher. Scheduling is flexible and based on student need. Students might need a little monitoring or special help with Language Arts, Math, or Health issues. For example, some students may need additional vision support, hearing support, Reading, Math, or Writing support. Please see the district’s Special Education Services for additional information.

Additional Special Education Services

Students who are eligible for additional special education services (moderate and intensive) are in a self contained classroom with their teacher and one or more instructional assistants.  Whenever possible, students in these classes join their peers in elective courses.  Instructional assistants will often join students in these elective courses to provide support as needed.  Please connect with you special education teacher for questions. Please see the district’s Special Education Services for additional information.

Advanced Learning Services

Whitman believes in providing challenging curriculum to meet student needs regardless of eligibility for Advanced Learning Services.  Please see the district’s page for Advanced Learning services .