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Summary: Nominate a WMS Staff person today!

Whitman Middle Staff Nominated For Above & Beyond!

This year the Whitman Family Community is asking for nominations for Whitman Wildcat Staff Members that have gone above and beyond. These staff members will be recognized at our monthly assemblies. Please take a few seconds to nominate a Staff Member of Whitman Middle School that you feel like deserves some recognition for being awesome and tell us why!

Caught Being Awesome: Ms. Ward

Ms. Ward

This month we want to recognize someone that is admired by her peers, her students and their caregivers. Over and over her fellow staff members describe her as refreshingly positive, organized, helpful and effective.

She focuses on helping students through making her curriculum accessible and engaging. Parents of her students gush about her ability to create a warm and welcoming learning environment. Her ability to make her students feel safe and successful has lent to a strong community. All while being fun and connecting with each life she touches. Let’s give a hand to this Wildcat Wonder! Thank you Ms. Ward!

November Whitman Staff Caught Being Awesome!

Mr. Cunningham at VIP Door with trophy.

For November we want to recognize one of those teachers that kids gravitate towards. They are cool and approachable. This teacher wins over families with their consistent communication… and the students with their thought and creativity.

One parent wrote: “he encourages students to think critically about history and how it relates to current events. Plus, he appears to really enjoy middle schoolers! It’s wonderful to know that your child is spending time with adults who like them” 

From another parent:Mr. Cunningham has been fantastic this year teaching 8th grade U.S. History. His communication with parents is excellent – I’ve really enjoyed learning about what the kids are doing each week in class, which has allowed me to have more meaningful conversations with my student about what he is experiencing in class. My son also regularly lets me know that Mr. Cunningham is preparing them for high school, discussing strategies for feeling at home in a big high school and introducing ideas in a way that gets more reception than when it is coming from mom. Thank you Mr. Cunningham for all you do for our Whitman Wildcats!

Let’s give a hand to a Wildcat favorite… MR. CUNNINGHAM! We’d like to present this prestigious award to Mr. Cunningham to keep proudly in perpetuity. 

October Whitman Staff Caught Being Awesome!

Julie Trent Caught Being Awesome with Trophy.

For October we had TWENTY THREE nominations for the “Caught Being Awesome” Award, but one special staff member was mentioned over, and over, and over, and over and over by her peers.

This month’s “Caught You Being Awesome Award” goes to MS. TRENT!

Ms. Trent doesn’t just “do her job”, she donates countless hours to the students in the building.

She is raising leaders in our community through her devotion to the ASB & WEB programs and she does it all while walking all over campus launching the new Walking PE Program. Congratulations and thank you for all you do!

Nominate a Wildcat Staff Member Today!

Please take a few seconds to nominate a Staff Member of Whitman Middle School that you feel like deserves some recognition for being awesome and tell us why! This could be a staff member who is widely known, or someone behind the scenes. They could’ve done something to shine in one small moment, or continued to impress all year long. Anything goes!

The winner each month will be surprised with a TROPHY and celebrated at an upcoming School Assembly. 

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