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Whitman PTSA Supports

The Whitman PTSA supports the efforts of the Seattle Council, Washington State, and National PTSAs by advocating for the PTSAs legislative priorities, communicating action items to our school community, building relationships with national, state, and local leaders, and listening to and supporting our school community. 

National PTA

The National PTA’s mission is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

Washington PTA

Washington State PTA’s mission is for PTA to be:– A powerful voice for children,– A relevant resource for families, schools and communities, and– A strong advocate for the well-being and education of all children.

Call To Action from the Seattle Council PTSA

As advocates for children, keeping our eyes on the ball on the federal, state, and district level is crucial to creating an environment where school communities can flourish in the long term. That can be hard to do sometimes since right now just keeping up with the day to day can feel overwhelming. Here are five easy things you can do right now to advocate for children and families:

  1. Sign up for Action Alert with WA State PTA
  2. Sign up for Action Alerts with National PTA
  3. Follow our Facebook page WhitmanMiddleSchoolPTSA
  4. Sign up for the Whitman PTSA newsletter by texting WHITMAN to 42828.
  5. Reach out to WhitmanAdvocate@gmail.com to get more involved with advocacy efforts and Whitman. 

Legislative Priorities

Making Every Child’s Potential A Reality Putting Equity at the Center of Everything We Do

Wa State PTA 20-22 Legislative Priorities Pie Chart detailed on webpage


  • Expand connectivity: infrastructure, affordable broadband services and developmentally appropriate devices.
  • Remove barriers and increase flexibility with categorical funds to serve students with the greatest needs.
  • Achieve equitable access to Highly Capable programs through universal screening.
  • Pursue progressive, sufficient, sustainable, equitable revenue sources


  • Prevent and reduce gun violence.
  • Support emergency planning at schools.
  • Mitigate the adverse effects of climate change.

Mental Health and Wellness

  • Increase access to nursing, mental health and social and emotional staff.
  • Support suicide prevention and a statewide anonymous reporting system.
  • Improve access to multi-tiered systems of support.

Funding Solutions

  • Preserve K-12 funding to ensure learning gaps are closed and students with the greatest needs are supported.
  • Fund professional development and training in technology use to support student and family success.
  • Prioritize federal stimulus or new state funding to support food security, childcare and one-time costs to reopen schools safely.

Washington State PTA every child one voice

Additional Advocacy Resources and Materials