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    SPS adopted enVisionmath2.0 for middle school in 2018. Students can access digital content for enVision through Pearson EasyBridge by using their SPS credentials through the Seattle Public Schools student portal.

    The overall philosophy of the Whitman math team is to ensure that all students achieve in math at grade level standards or above, realizing that students take different amount of times to do this. The Whitman system gives students more time, more practice, and more opportunities to master skills not mastered before. Our goal is for each student to have a concrete foundation in math concepts and the ability to broadly apply these concepts. The
    enVisionmath2.0 curriculum is a balance of inquiry-based and direct instruction designed to provide a variety of learning opportunities to address all types of learning styles and develop a thorough understanding of number patterns rather than just memorizing algorithms. Students who are struggling to meet grade-level standards in math are provided a supplemental class during the school day for extra math support.

    Accelerated math placement at Whitman has been an ongoing concern. Experience shows that even if they are recommended by the District for advanced math, students who don't have a strong foundation in sixth-grade math concepts have difficulties being successful in Whitman's accelerated math program. Occasionally, sixth graders placed into accelerated math by district recommendation struggle in Math7 and do not receive teacher recommendations to continue in accelerated math and are now repeating the seventh-grade math curriculum. To try to remedy this, Whitman has placed this year's sixth-graders into their math classes using a combination of 6th grade skills assessment scores and SBAC scores.

    Regardless of math placement, all students could receive more challenging work through enVisionmath2.0 "extensions" (which take specific math concepts to a more advanced level) or by teachers providing “next grade level” work for students who are ready.  Parents should consult with their child's teacher to determine if he/she is ready for this.

    Whitman provides the opportunity for students to study, and receive credit for, ninth grade Algebra I.

    The Whitman math team and Principal Posten want to be responsive to your math concerns. Please consult with your child's math teacher with specific questions or feel free to contact Christina Posten for more information.

    Math Information - Answers to Your Questions

    1. What does CCSS stand for? Common Core State Standards

    2. I request a reference for what my student is learning so I can support her with the method she is taught. I found last year I sometimes used different methods to help her solve that she hadn’t learned. You can email your child’s teacher to ask which Common Core State Standards they are currently studying and possible resources for additional work. You can also go to this website to download or look at the Common Core Standards for Mathematics:

      It is important to communicate with your child’s teacher since many standards are focused on the process and communication of a concept more than getting the correct final answer. It will be most helpful to your child if you and your child’s teacher have the same instructional objective. Additionally, there are some problem-solving strategies which work in a particular situation but cannot apply to a more complex problem, causing confusion and frustration to students who attempt to continue to use it.

    3. Do students have a choice about whether they take the placement exam? Do teachers recommend whether students take this exam or not? Is the exam a mandatory requirement no matter what? Students do have a choice about whether to take the placement exam or not. However, students who do not take the placement exam will be placed into their grade level math class the following year. In other words, 7th graders will be placed into 7th grade math and 8th graders into 8th grade math. Teachers may make recommendations, but if you are concerned, it is always a good idea to check in with your child’s teacher in the spring.

    4. What additional support can we provide our 7th grader to get into algebra for 8th grade? If your 7th grader is in 7th grade math, he/she will not receive instruction on the 8th Grade Common Core Standards, which are also necessary for success in Algebra. You will want to look at those standards (see link above) and have your child work on those concepts. is a great resource for lessons on a multitude of mathematical concepts.

    Program Overview

    Whitman Math Concepts by Grade Level

    Advanced Math

    Seattle Public School's middle school math programs offer accelerated math options. At Whitman we have accelerated math classes in sixth, seventh and eighth grade.