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    The following information is provided by our central office leadership in the Athletics department as of January 2021.

    Middle School Athletics Update

    Based on the information in Governor Inslee’s plan, SPS middle school athletics proposes three (3) potential activity start dates. Each proposal will engage athletes in either a two-season or one-season model. These models provide our student-athletes with the best possible athletic experience.

    Season Approach

    The Middle School Steering Committee at central office makes decisions on middle school athletic activities.  Their determination on which model middle school athletics implements for the 2020-2021 athletic season is contingent on Puget Sound Region’s metrics and SPS leadership. They will also utilize input and guidance from Department of Health and Governor’s Office to solidify start dates and the nature of athletic activities.

     - Proposal 1: Start Date – March 29th  – Season 1 (March 29th – May 15th); Season 2 (May 10th – June 12th)

     - Proposal 2: Start Date – April 15th – Season 1 (April 15th – May 21st); Season 2 (May 15th – June 12th)

     - Proposal 3: Start Date – May 3rd – Season 1 (May 3rd – June 12th)

    *Seasons and/or sports may need to be adjusted based on Puget Sound Region’s metrics

    It is likely there will be more changes and updates as we move forward.  Any additional updates will be communicated to school communities via their athletic coordinator. We look forward to bringing our community together and providing athletic activity for our student-athletes soon.

    Students interested in playing sports in spring 2021, may prepare by getting a sports physical and completing registration paperwork.  For more information on sports registration, please see our Athletics Registration page.