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Performing Arts at Whitman (PAW)

Get involved in this year’s Fall Play-

(You can do more than one of these!)

Actors: Everyone who auditions gets a part!  Low stress auditions after school in the cafeteria outside commons Monday Sept 13th and Tues Sept 14th.  Weekly remote rehearsals on Monday or Tues (afternoon or evening, the student will be put in a group that fits their schedule).  In person outside (with masks) after school Oct 11,12,14,18,19and the show on the 20th.

Sets and Props team: will create our outdoor stage in addition to the sets and props.  This group will meet in person outside (with masks) after school Oct 11,12,14,18,19and 20th.

Costume Team: will design and create some costumes.  This group will meet remotely on Thursday evenings and then in person same schedule as above group.

Stage Crew: will be in charge of scene changes, help get actors onstage on time, and operate the lights and sound.  They will help create our outdoor stage!  This team will meet in person Oct 11,12,14,18,19 and during the 20th show!

(Optional and brief informational meeting right after school outside of the main entrance Friday September 10th if you want to learn more information.  You can also check out the PAW website: Home | Whitmantheater )