School News

Message from Principal Posten

We are aware that not everyone is receiving our emails. We are forwarding communication to those who have shared their emails with us. We also know that some are receiving our emails who no longer attend Whitman.

We are constantly working on this, thank you for your patience.

Hi Wildcats,

We have been back to school for about a week now and all is as positive as can be! Thank you for the daily coaching and reminders being shared with students about safety, masks, and lunches.  

Our students have done a fabulous job transitioning back to school and navigating everything we have asked of them.

We sincerely appreciate your communication and partnership!

Stay in touch,

Christina Posten
Whitman Middle School


This message is to inform you that we are beginning our final rounds of classroom balancing. This means we are moving students’ schedules around to ensure each class has the lowest number of students possible. We received incorrect Math placements from multiple elementary schools. We have had to work with each school to determine the correct placement for math students. We now have all the information and will be making additional changes to schedules.

Thank you for your patience.

We will be moving several students from math 6 to math 7, but to do this we have to close a class section of math 6 and move those students schedules to a different class period. This will impact many 6th and 7th grade schedules. We will not be communicating with each individual family but do ask that you please continue to check the Source for updates. We hope to be finished with schedule balancing and updates by the end of next week.

We will also be moving lunch assignments to further balance the number of students at each lunch. This information will be taught and shared with students and community.

Important Dates: More information will be shared next week.

  • Virtual Curriculum Night: September 28th
  • Picture Day: September 21st

Cell Phones:

Students have been informed about our school wide cell phone policy. We ask that cell phones are out of sight and always put away. We understand that students should have access to their cell phone for safety, traveling to and from school, etc. We expect that while students are at school that their devices are put away unless given specific instructions and permission by school staff. We will confiscate phones when students do not follow the expectations. If we confiscate a phone, it will be returned to your student at the end of the class period or school day. If cell phones become an ongoing concern, we will communicate with families to support our school expectations.


All students will be receiving a school laptop. We will be finished with laptop distribution by end of Advisory on Friday. Personal devices are not compatible with school programming. If you have not yet returned your student’s Technology Agreement, please send it with them to school. We have collected names of students who have not yet returned the agreement and will be communicating with families. Classes will start to use laptops next week.


Girls’ Soccer Tryouts are scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, September 13 and 14 at 4pm.  Coaches will provide information about practice dates and times during tryouts.  Head Coach and Whitman Science teacher Laura La France will coach our Varsity soccer team and Whitman Math Teacher Austin Ochoa will coach our Junior Varsity team this fall.  Please see our Athletics Page to ensure that all the proper forms are completed and turned in to the main office by Friday, September 10th

Co-ed Ultimate Frisbee

There are no tryouts for Ultimate Frisbee.  Head Coach Bill Penrose will lead our Whitman Ultimate Frisbee Teams with the assistance of Coach Brian Benjamin, Simon Penrose, and Ben Goldfarb.  Coach Penrose will provide students with information about practice dates and times.  Please see our Athletics Page to ensure that all the proper forms are completed and turned in to the main office by Friday, September 10th