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    Curbside pickups on tues, wed and thursday.

    Looking forward to seeing you at Curbside.

    Please bring back overdue books and pick up books placed on HOLD.

    Find books at Destiny Discover, including Learning Links at the top (How to Place a HOLD).

    When should I pick up & drop off books?   Please read this before picking up books!

    1. Sign into Destiny Discover or The Source & to see if the books you placed on HOLD are checked out to you.
    2. If your holds ARE on your account as checked out, come to school.
    3. If the books are still on HOLD or pending, don't come to school yet.
    4. Do you have overdue books and books so late that they are now fines? Please bring them back. You will not be charged late fees.
    5. PENDING, means that the book is checked out to someone else and you are on the wait list for it. Look at your account to see if Pending has changed to checked out to you.
    6. Books go into quarantine for ten days when returned from a student.
    7. I work at the Library on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

    Readers are leaders! I hope this information helps! Happy Reading!

    Wednesdays from 2-4


    Need book recommendations: email me at