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    Whitman PTSA - Volunteering Opportunity Details  

    About Volunteering and Involvement

    Many research studies have shown that when parents/guardians are involved in their child's education, these students achieve more regardless of socio-economic status/ethnic background or even their own parent's education level.

    Middle school students begin to develop a sense of self and independence that is separate from their families, making parents and guardians unsure how much to be involved or how to be involved. We have many opportunities to help parents build levels of involvement and awareness; here are some easy proposals.

    First, join the PTSA. Your membership fees help support your school

    Second, read the weekly newsletter and educate yourself about what is going on at Whitman and respond to requests for volunteers whether it is for a onetime project or on a weekly basis. Many opportunities are available for working parents or for those who are caregivers during the day. Opportunities range from baking cookies for an event to helping with gardening for a couple of hours on a Saturday.

    Also, keep the lines of communication open. Log onto The Source and check your student's grades and email their teachers. Keep talking with your kids about issues that are important to you. Get to know other parents through attending school events and build community! As you can see, continuing or becoming active in your student's middle school is easy and can pay big dividends in staying connected to your student and their school!

    For more info on volunteer opportunities, please email our Whitman PTSA Volunteer Coordinator, Stacey Symonds at