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    English Language Learners (ELL)

    Students may need all their core classes modified, or only have Language Arts or Reading with the ELL department. The staff works with each student to help them succeed in this new culture and language.

    Whitman currently has three teachers and two Instructional Assistants in the ELL department. Student levels vary from very little English to mostly mainstreamed students.

    Special Education - Mainstreamed

    Students are supported at the level they need. IEP teachers are always available to staff and students for help in working with the individual needs of these identified students.

    Students in this program could have one class of study skills with Special Ed teachers. Or could spend most of their day with the Special Ed. staff. Scheduling is flexible and based on student need. Students might need a little monitoring or special help with Language, Math, or Health issues. Some students may need vision support, hearing support, Reading, Math, or Writing support, for instance.

    Special Education - Self-Contained

    Whitman has four self-contained Special Education classes at this time. These classes have students that have been tested and identified to have more intense special needs. The classes for these students have Instructional Assistants that can help in the classroom and can go with some of the students to elective and other classes.

    Advanced Learning Programs

    This section under construction/revision to reflect current practices. Whitman offers advanced learning opportunities in both Math and Language Arts.

    Advanced Learning