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    In an effort to cut down on the amount of paper copies that are sent home the District is giving families the opportunity to view and electronically update their student's  information that would normally be printed and included in the start of packet with the goal in mind of transitioning away from paper copies as much as possible in the future. This updating option will sent to you via the email we currently have on file and is only available one time per family from September 7th thru September 30, 2017. We are very excited and  encourage all the Whitman families to take advantage of this opportunity.

    This year any forms that need to be filled-out (required or optional) will still be printed and sent home via kidmail in the start of school packet. These include the following school and PTSA forms:

    • Student 504-2 Survey (only if applicable to your student)
    • Emergency Information and Student Release (required)
    • FERPA Pre-K-8 (required)
    • Student Health Information (required)
    • Student Housing (only if applicable to your student)
    • Title VII Indian Education (only if applicable to your student or if you have not completed it in prior years)
    • PTSA Volunteer Opportunities (optional)
    • Volunteer Packet (required if you are planning to volunteer in any capacity--this link will take you to our Volunteer page for the forms you need to complete)​

    Other informational only forms will not be included in the printed packet but will be available electronically. Printed copies will only be provided to families upon request. These include the following:

    • Advanced Learning Notification
    • Compusory Attendance "Becca Law" letter
    • Vaccines Required Mningococcal and HPV letter
    • Student Accident and Insurance Letter
    • Students Right and Responsibilities
    • Truancy Brochure