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    What’s Source?
    The Source displays assessment scores, attendance, library info and secondary student grades. 

    Do schools need to provide a Source registration code this year?
    No. The process for printing Source letters is different this year.  Staff no longer have to provide codes for parents/guardians. Our team worked to create a process where parents could get the codes themselves via email.  The Source letter is attached to this email and is also posted online: Source Registration Letter.

    To translate the letter:

    • Click the Translate button in the upper, right corner of your browser.
    • Select a language.
    • Click Ok.
    • Scroll down.
    • If desired, print from your browser as usual.

    How do parents and guardians register for the Source?
    Parents and guardians my register for the Source online.  Here is a link with step-by-step instructions, with pictures, on how parents and guardians may setup their Source account:

    Setting up a Source Account.

    Do students need to register for the Source?
    No.  Students simply log onto the Source with their student  username and password, provided by each school.  Along with a tour of the Source: Tour of Source. 

    On the Source log on screen is a Technical Tips link.

    About Our School

    What would a typical 6th grade semester schedule look like?


    Language Arts - Ms. Puma

    Social Studies - Ms. Puma

    Math - Mr. Leopard

    Science - Mr. Tiger

    Video Productions/Computer Tech - Mr. Cheetah/Mr. Lynx

    Spanish/PE - Ms. Ocelot/Ms. Cougar

    Electives - 6th grade students have four semester elective slots available for the year. PE and Spanish are mandatory for all 6th grade students and each course equals one semester elective. Band and orchestra are full year courses and equal two semester electives (with Spanish and PE taking the other two slots). The non-music elective options are semester courses designed to give students exposure to the various electives offered.  Students have a choice between Art or Video Production with the other three slots filled with Spanish, PE and Computer Essentials classes.

    How do students get into Advanced Math classes?

    Math Pathway Information:
    Please read the document issued by the Seattle School District regarding advanced math placement in middle school. Math Information

    How can parents get involved?
    There are many volunteer opportunities through the PTSA including; school store, lunch monitoring, office and library assistance, and various committees and events. While volunteer opportunities may not be as plentiful as when your student attended elementary school there are still numerous ways to support your student and our school. See our Whitman PTSA page here for more information about how to get involved at school.

    Will my student receive and use a planner?
    Student planners are typically provided to all students. All students are expected to use their planners daily and planners are checked by teachers frequently. This planner is a great communication tool between students, teachers and families to support students through their course assignment due dates and classroom activities.