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    Whitman Middle School CSIP
    2019 - 2020

    Christina Posten


    Throughout this document a number of acronyms and terms are used that may seem unclear. The following glossary may be helpful:

    Throughout this document a number of acronyms and terms are used that may seem unclear. The following lexicon may be helpful:

    Advisory: Small heterogenous groupings of students led by an advisor for the purpose of building community and social emotional learning.

    ALO (or HC -highly capable): Advanced Learning Opportunities. Building based program that serves students with a designation of advanced learners.

    Amplify: Online Science curriculum currently being field tested in SPS middle schools.

    Blended Learning: Delivery of content and instruction for student learning is partially delivered via digital and online media.

    BLT: Building Leadership Team. A school’s advisory, decision making group that has specialist, grade level, administration and parent representation. The BLT meets monthly and approves the school budget and CSIP. It also, determines an additional year-long leadership team focus. This year our focus concerns communication between the school and families as well as building climate.

    Career Ladder Teachers: Teachers that serve to support their colleagues within a leadership capacity. They help design and lead professional development opportunities at the school.

    Cluster Grouping: An inclusion model in which students are integrated into mixed-ability classrooms and teachers are expected to provide appropriate differentiation opportunities for any students who need them.

    ELL: English Language Learners. Students who have been identified as needing additional support learning English.

    IEP: Individualized Education Plan. An IEP is a written statement for a student with a disability that is developed, reviewed, and revised in a meeting in keeping with certain requirements of law and regulations.

    MTSS: Multi-Tiered System of Support. Building directed supports for students identified as needing additional learning opportunities beyond basic classroom instruction to meet standards.

    PD: Professional Development. Instruction and learning activities for teachers to improve or broaden instructional practice.

    PLC: Professional Learning Community. A team of educators that collaborate for instruction determining essential standards, creating and administering ongoing assessments of student understanding, reviewing data, and providing supports and extensions for students needing them.

    SMART Goal: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely

    SIT: Student Intervention Team. A team of parents, teachers, specialists and our psychologist that meet to consider whether an identified student may require extra support or be considered for evaluation to determine special education qualification.