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    Principal Posten Email June 4, 2021
    Posted on 06/04/2021
    Christina Posten

    Hi Wildcats,

    Sending some end of year information.

    Stay in touch and take care,

    Whitman Middle School

    8th Grade Promotion:

    We will post a prerecorded promotion ceremony to Schoology on the last day of school. Families can view the video at a time that is convenient.

    Student Send Off Parade:

    On the last day of school, June 18th, staff will be in front of the school to wave goodbye to students and community from 3:00-4:00 PM.

    At that time, we are asking all students and families to drive, walk, ride a bike, skateboard, by the school. We just want to see you and say goodbye!

    We will have a gift for all 8th graders, those items will be available in the parking lot during the student send off.

    Laptop and Technology Collection:

    All Seattle Public Schools student laptops, hotspots, and devices must be collected during the final week of school.  Students will be leaving their laptops in their final in-person class of the year. For students who have remained remote, please bring the laptops to school at any time on Friday, June 19th.

    We will also collect technology in the parking lot during the Student Send Off.

    If you know you will be leaving town or unable to return the device the last week of school, please bring them to the school and drop them in the main office at your earliest convenience.

    Friday, June 18th will be the last day that students will have access to their district issued laptops.  

    Cohorts A & B:  Students in Cohorts A & B will turn in their district issued laptops to their teachers during 6th period in the morning (Cohort B) or the afternoon (Cohort A) of Friday, June 18th. 

    Cohort C:  Students in Cohort C should bring their district issued laptops to the main office at Whitman on Friday, June 18th any time between 8:30am and 3:30pm.   

    Students who will not be attending school on Friday, June 18th will need to turn in their laptops to the office at Whitman prior to leaving for the school year. 

    ALL district issued laptops, laptop chargers or Power Cords and Hot Spots must be collected by Friday, June 18th in compliance with district requirements. 

    Laptops for Summer School:

    Students who are enrolling in Summer School classes may continue to use the devices and check them in at the end of July after summer classes. 

    Students using Assistive Technology for Special Education Services may keep their devices through the summer for use in the fall. 

    If you have children at multiple schools, you can check in the devices at one selected school.  

    If you have any questions about the SPS device collection process, please contact Jackie Cable at or Kevin Hernandez at   

    Last Week of School Schedule:

    To meet the required number of in-person learning minutes per the state mandate we had to make changes to the bell schedule for the final week of school.

    We are asking intensive service pathways to follow the same schedule we have been following to limit the disruption to students’ schedules.

    We will share this schedule with students and will communicate through Schoology, but we recognize that this will cause confusion.

      Please review the LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL SCHEDULE with your student.


    Social Studies Textbooks Collection Plan 

    ·       Students in Cohorts A & B with district issued textbooks for Social Studies should turn in their textbooks to their Social Studies teacher on the date determined by the teacher. 

    ·       Students in Cohort C should  return WA State History books anytime during school hours starting June 10th

    Vaccination Clinic Information: 

    Whitman's 2nd  Vaccination Clinic will be on June 15th. A Reminder will be sent closer to the date. 

    • Students and families can get their first OR second dose at one of the school clinics. SFD will make second dose appointments when first dose folks check-in.
    • Students who got their first dose from SFD (at school or another site) do NOT need another parent/guardian consent form.
    • Students who are getting their first dose or received their first dose from another medical provider do need a consent form.
    • The first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine builds they body’s protection against the virus, and the second dose strengthens it – so don’t skip the second one!
    • For more information about what to expect after your COVID-19 vaccination, visit Public Health Seattle King County’s website here.
    • The Vaccine Page is updated to explain when consent is needed.
    • There will be a robocall to families in English and top 5 languages.